Keeping our customers in front with our exclusive new Hyperlocal marketing

By Jade Tweedie

04-09-2019 |
First National Real Estate is keeping its customers in front with its exclusive new Hyperlocal marketing campaigns.

Hyperlocal advertising leverages the power of data to target buyers who have demonstrated ‘active intent’ in your marketplace. This could mean that they’ve visited a major real estate website, recently applied for a mortgage, or perhaps their loyalty card shopping patterns have indicated they’re likely to move soon.

It’s highly effective, expertly targeted, and has revolutionised the way in which we market and sell properties.

First National Real Estate is the only Australian real estate brand with its own independent system, which means our marketing costs are about 50% lower than you might find elsewhere. We’re reaching extraordinary numbers of people and driving down marketing costs in the process.

It’s just another option available to you when you discuss a marketing strategy for your home with a First National Real Estate agent. Find out more today!