What Do Homes Of The Near Future Look Like?

What new innovations will be commonplace in new homes ?

By Jade Tweedie

13-06-2018 |
Think back to your home 10 years ago. Since then, you might have ditched the landline, thrown out the VCR, DVD and CD player, and replaced them with new technology. It's a cycle that happens in most homes every decade or so, as technology advances and makes our lives easier.

What about the next five or 10 years though? What new innovations will be commonplace in new homes then? We've had a quick look at some up and coming trends, to try and imagine the properties of the near future.

Full smart integration!

Full smart integration is perhaps the most exciting innovation on the horizon for homes Australia wide.

Devices such as the Amazon Echo, or Google Home simply connect to all your smart devices and allow you to control them all from your smartphone. Think locking your home remotely, turning the heating on your drive home, or running a bath to jump in to as soon as you walk in the door.

Soon, smart homes may also be able to read your heart rate and automatically adjust a room’s settings to your preferences as soon as you walk in.

A focus on functionality!

Modern homes already have an incredibly strong focus on functionality - that will become even more commonplace in the near future. Things like soft closing pantry doors, hydraulic toilet seats, and smart fridges can already be found in many modern homes.

We expect to see the rise of induction hobs - a magnetic oven top which generates heat in the base of the pan, cools off quicker, and turns off automatically if there's nothing on it.

What futuristic and functional gadgets would you want in your home?

The tech-free living room!

A recent EY report revealed that Australians spend as much as 10 hours a day engaging with devices in some way - proof that technology completely pervades our everyday lives. Technology is brilliant, but being connected all day can be a little exhausting, so a new trend has emerged to help Aussies escape.

The tech free living room. It's as simple as it sounds, and can be a safe haven in which to relax in away from all the worries of the modern world.

If your home's a little out of date and you want to find something with all the modern conveniences available, get in touch with the team here at First National Real Estate. We have vast experience finding Australians their dream homes and would love to help you find yours.